Setting up an Office Recycling scheme in two easy steps.

'This is the first step in establishing the under desk binless office, with further cost savings'





Step 1.

  • Assess what waste material is being thrown in the bins ?
  • How is the waste currently dealt with, types of bins used, frequency of collections and costs ?
  • How many staff work in each office area ?
  • Identify print rooms and utility areas as main points for locating recycling bins ?

Step 2.


  • Involve staff & cleaners in establishing recycling schemes and locating sites for recycling bins, collection frequencies and bag storage arrangements.
  • Review office bins and bag options (e.g. removing all under desk bins, replacing with localised recycling points including a waste bin - maximises recycling , reduce waste disposal by potentially 80% and further reduce cleaning costs ?) .
  • Display educational posters on notice board and emails, using national recycling logos and campaigns. Perrys can provide a range of stickers and posters to assist customer educate and maintain recycling schemes.  Stickers sample  (1 , 2 , 3 , 4 )
  • Monitor and maintain staff participation.
  • Adjust collection frequencies according to volumes of bags produced.
  • Promote your company's recycling credentials with Perrys Environment Certificate.


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