'The complete office recycling solutions package for paper, cardboard, cans, plastic bottles, vending cups, batteries, fluorescent tubes, glass, printer cartridges, office furniture mobile phones and larger WEEE items''





Perrys can provide the complete recycling solution for offices, reducing waste disposal significantly and promoting your company environmental credentials. Once you have a minimum of 10 bags of office paper plus other materials, we can arrange collection either on a schedule, (weekly, fortnightly monthly etc) to maintain a simple and reliable service, or on-demand should you have archive clear-outs or larger volumes.







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Commitment to Quality Service

We are committed to providing first class service, advice and equipment to our customers. We have BS EN 9001:2000 quality systems, along with our continued investment in our staff, depots,equipment and vehicles in order to maintain this level of service.
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Dedicate-a-Tree Scheme Recycling Pledge.

Perrys will plant a new tree for every customer who recovers 5 tonnes or more of office paper records per year. This scheme is part of our climate change programme supported by The Carbon Neutral Company in sustainable forests. Carbon off-setting schemes are a practical way in which a business can contribute towards global warming. Although should only be used in conjunction with active waste & energy reduction programmes, as direct action takes a higher priority over carbon off-setting.


Carbon dioxide emissions are one of the main causes of global warming, and we all produce CO2 emissions from everything we do in our day-to-day lives.










Perrys Recycling can provide the complete 'One-Stop-Shop' Recycling Solution.

We can give customers peace of mind with a complete recycling service, ranging from small scheduled pick ups to large clearance collections. Providing customers with convenient office container options to suit individual needs and budgets. 



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Printer cartridges and mobile phones recycling.


Furniture recycling.




Office container & storage options.



Cardboard Office Cartons,

Economical office recycling solutions for segregated paper, rinsed out cans, empty plastic bottles Clear polythene bags can be provided to line bins.



h - 83cm, w - 38cm, d- 31cm


Health & safety guidance notes





Office Bins

Smart office recycling solutions for segregated paper, rinsed out cans, empty plastic bottles Clear polythene bags can be provided to line bins.



87litre tall bin h- 76cm, w - 48cm, d- 32cm.

27litre Under-desk h- 39cm, w - 37cm, d 27cm.


Health & safety guidance notes

Satellite Recycling Bins

Smart centralised recycling/waste management system for offices. By substituting under-desk waste bins for these a saving can be made on cleaners costs. The complete office solution for segregated paper, rinsed out cans, empty plastic bottles, vending cups and general waste


100litre standard bin, split bins, Envirocup bin and waste bins

h -80cm, w - 40cm, d - 40cm.


Health & safety guidance notes


Envirocup - Vending Cup Bin

A central hole for pouring residue liquid into and tubes around the bin for the cups makes this container ideal for vending cup recycling. Clear polythene bags are used to line the bin for easy and hygienic emptying by staff.



h - 80cm, w - 40cm, d - 40cm


Health & safety guidance notes

Mini Satellite Recycling Bins.

Smart recycling bin system with a confidential bin available, ideal for siting in centralized areas or next to desks.Complete office solution for segregated paper, emptied cans, plastic bottles, vending cups and general waste.



55 litre standard bin, confidential bin and waste bins.

h -66cm, w - 30cm, d - 52cm.


Health & safety guidance notes



Community Recycling Bins

Designed for internal or external locations and ideal for car parks, shopping centres, schools or holiday sites etc. Perrys clear poly bags fit inside using a retention hoop system. Double skin moulding for exceptional strength. Bins can be colour coded to aid segregation of waste and improve recycling rates.



h - 1.22m, w - 50cm, d - 61.5cm


Health & safety guidance notes



WEEE Recycling Container.

(Waste Electronic & Electrical Equipment Recycling) Ideal for office computers, monitors, keyboards, printers, telephone systems photocopiers etc)


h - 86cm w - 121cm d - 101cm

Battery Container 

  Dry cell batterie container                  (Dimensions - w 22cm, h - 19cm, d - 23cm, 5 litre bucket, holds 10kgs)


Fluorescent Tube container


Suitable for 6' or 8' tubes, can hold around 100 tubes. (Dimensions  h - 25cm, l - 244cm, w - 25cm)



         Archive box with downloaded sticker on for printer Cartridges








Printer Cartridge Recycling

. Recycling service options.





240litre bin

Ideal for storing mixed glass.

Dimensions h- 107cm, w - 58cm, d 74cm

Office caddy bin available ideal for kitchens and decanting into the larger 240litre bin. Dimensions h - 51cm, w -41cm, d - 40cm 


Glass stillage

Suitable for larger volumes of glass. Dimensions h- 94cm, w- 1320cm, d- 92cm

Secure Storage Bin.

1100 litre wheeled bin


Ideal for storing bagged recyclables and security sacks for shredding (capacity 25+ bags/sacks). Clean tidy and secure recycling solution.


h - 137cm, w - 126cm, d - 89cm


Health & safety guidance notes

Large Secure Storage roro bin

Ideal for large archive clearances and on-site secure storage. (capacity 5 tonnes + - 300+ bags, sacks, archive boxes etc).



h - 2.4m, w - 2.4m, l - 6.1m


Health & safety guidance notes

7.5t Collection Vehicle


Secure scheduled collections, with satellite tracked vehicles, vetted staff and all segregated material is guaranteed to be recycled. Visits to recycling depots welcome.


Health & safety guidance notes for sacks & bags

Health & safety guidance notes for wheeled bins





 Recycling stickers (portrait option for bins and recycling posters).
 Recycling stickers (landscape option for bins and recycling posters).
 Recycling sticker (portrait & landscape option for bins & recycling posters)
Recycling sticker (portrait option for bins and recycling poster)  Recycling poster and stickers landscape option with slim jim bins.
 Recycling poster and stickers portrait option with slim jim bins.
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