Off-site Security Shredding & Recycling Service.



'Customers with compliance to the NEW GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations.'  
Security Shredding Procedures (please click)



Why shred confidential records ?

Data Protection Act 1998 - Information Commissioners Office - Enforcement Cases

Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 - Financial Service Authority - Financial Penalties

Carbon savings - shredding & recycling 1 tonne of confidential paper records, saves 1.32 tonne of carbon. (source CPi)



Perrys Recycling can provide the secure solution.

With UK nationwide service for information destruction for paper records, hard drives, CD Roms, microfiche, uniforms, credit cards, faulty products etc.



Commitment to Quality Service

The security destruction procedure is audited, vetted and policed by the following institutions and standards.

  • BSIA (British security Industry Association - Information Destruction Section)
  • UKSSA (United Kingdom Security Shredding Association)
  • Police & MOD Authorities.
  • Government & private Institutions.
  • European Information Destruction Standards, audited within our ISO9001 quality systems.

Download Certificate of compliance to BSEN15713 incorporate within our ISO9001 quality management systems








We are committed to providing first class service, advice and equipment to our customers. We have ISO 9001 UKAS approved quality systems, along with our continued investment in our staff, depots, equipment and vehicles in order to maintain this level of service.









Rubbish Theft

Managing your company's data securely.

Criminals & competitors can acquire your rubbish bags very easily. This source of information makes interesting reading (your customer's names & addresses, prices, sales history, employees names & addresses, wages/salaries, medical records etc). Can you afford to give this type of information away at work or at home?

Perrys can provide the secure solution, in 2 easy Steps.

With our regional & national shred & recycle service, we can offer scheduled pick ups to large archive collections. Providing customers with convenient and secure container options to suit individual needs and budgets.


1. Review the container & storage options below.


2. Email us to obtain information on services and costs, or telephone directly for guidance on our services. (Please click).


Secure Container options.


Security Sack
Dimensions h – 90cm, w – 50cm


Flexible and easy to use sacks and tags can holds around 15kgs (equivalent to an archive box), provided in bundles of 10 with security numbered tags.


Health & safety guidence notes


Security Cabinet

(140litre bin fits inside)


h - 110cm, w 54cm, d - 62cm


Secure cabinet avoiding opportunist theft from staff and cleaners. Fits in with smart office furniture, Ideal for utility area with printer/fax on top 


Health & safety guidence notes


140 litre wheelie bin


h – 107cm, w – 48cm, d – 55cm


(Lockable unit, less manual handling, holds the equivalent of three security sacks = 60kgs +) - (Can be used in conjunction with Console cabinets to blend better in with office furniture).


Health & safety guidence notes


Mini Envirobin confidential system
h – 66cm, w – 30cm, d - 52
(security sack clips inside)

Ideal for individual desks, with a small footprint and convenient for staff to use.


Health & safety guidence notes


Linpac confidential Bin

h- 80.7cm

w - 44.8cm

d - 44.8cm

(compliments office recycling & waste management solutions - sack & security tag fits inside)


Health & safety guidence notes


1100 litre Secure Storage

h - 137cm

w - 126cm

d - 90cm


(Lockable storage unit for security sacks and bags of recycling

= 25 bags +)


Health & safety guidence notes



Security Stillage

h- 94cm

w - 1.32m

d - 92cm

(Pallet truck or forklift required)

Secure Storage Container

h - 2.4m

w- 2.4m

d - 3m

Static fixed unit (delivered by crane)

Ro-Ro Security Bin

h- 2.4m

w - 2.4m

l - 6.1m

(Demountable unit with access required for the lorry)


Health & safety guidence notes



Ro-Ro lorry & bin


Health & safety guidence notes


7.5 tonne lorry


Health & safety guidance notes for sacks & bags


Health & safety guidance notes for wheeled bins.

Articulated Lorry & Trailer