Hospitality Recycling



'We can provide the complete solution for hotels, restaurants, clubs, holiday parks, sports clubs etc and reduce their waste disposal costs.'






 Please review our  3  step guide to setting up a simple recycling service.



Step 1  -  Select which materials you wish to recycle - mixed glass, plastic bottles, cardboard/paper and cans.





Step 2 - Choose your storage container for segregated recyclables which can be easily handled by staff and hygenically stored with automatic weekly, fortnightly and monthly collections.






                    240litre bin                                                 1100litre bin                                                    Metal Stillage

                   Dimensions                                                Dimensions                                                     Dimensions

     h -106cm, w - 58cm, d - 73cm                  h - 94cm, w - 132cm, d - 92cm                   h- 94cm, w - 132cm, d - 92cm






Step 3 - Contact Perrys today for your quotation and reduce your waste disposal costs and promote your environmental credentials to your clients. FREPHONE -  0800 1692574, or email us directly - please click.