Frequently asked questions about charity paper banks


What can I put in the charity paper banks?

Paper, magazines, newspapers, junk mail and telephone books. No plastic or cardboard, please.


How much money will the Community Foundation receive from the paper bank scheme?

The Charity will receive £10 per tonne of paper collected through the scheme. When full, each paper bank holds approximately one tonne of paper so the Charity  receives about £10 each time a paper bank is filled up.


Who has set up this charity paper bank scheme?

The paper bank scheme has been set up jointly by Perrys Recycling and the Community Foundation. Perrys Recycling is supplying, maintaining and servicing the paper banks. This involves placing the paper banks at their sites, emptying them and ensuring the site remains clean and tidy. The paper is taken back to Perrys' depots in Marston Magna and Bridgwater where it is baled and sent to a mill in the UK to be made into new newsprint for newspapers. 

Would you like to see the recycling process ?

Would you like to see the recycling video..?


Why should the public use these paper banks?

By using these paper banks, the public can help generate money for charities and voluntary groups in the county. It is also a quick and convenient way to recycle old newspapers and magazines because the paper banks are at locations such as supermarkets and garden centres that people visit regularly.


Can I recycle cardboard in these paper banks?

No, cardboard cannot be recycled in these paper banks. If you would like to recycle cardboard, you can take it to Perrys Recycling's depots in Bridgwater and Marston Magna and place it in our bins free of charge. Perrys Recycling also offers a paid-for scheduled cardboard collection service for businesses - please call 01935 850 111 for more details. Or you can take it to your local council's waste depot.


I want to support this scheme by having a charity paper bank at my business. How do I do this?

Perrys Recycling is looking for more sites for paper banks, such as supermarkets, garden centres, pubs, sports clubs and village car parks. Please contact David Harris at Perrys Recycling at or call 01935 850 111.