Complete Recycling Solutions for Other Materials.

'Adding value to existing recycling services, and reducing waste costs.'


Perrys can provide the total recycling package, which can compliment existing recycling services, and further reduce waste disposal costs. We can arrange collections with loads of paper or cardboard, which has proved an added benifit to customers as they do not have to store more waste on their premises than necessary, limiting fire, insurance and health hazards.

  • HDPE natural

  • Commingled bottles.

  • Industrial stock clearances HDPE, PVC, PS, PP trays, bottles packaging etc.

  • Mixed aluminium & steel cans and other nonferrous & ferrous metals.

  • Wooded pallets.

  • And more materials subject to segregation and volume. Basically if you palletised a single grade of plastic or metal onto a pallet and secure, Perrys can guarantee a recycling outlet.

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