Balers & Compactors (new & reconditioned)

'Providing the complete package, with the best equipment & recycling service to suit customers needs.'


We can provide suitable baling & compaction equipment for sale or rent , including a bespoke recycling service to meet customers volumes, budgets, available storage, collection requirements and rebates. We can also offer you a competitive price for baling wire and twine. The equipment can include delivery, installation, commissioning with operator health and safety training with certificates issued.


Please contact us to provide a complete (equipment & recycling service) quotation.


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Rampack 200 TC (Twin Chamber) Rampack 60


Rampack 60 baler (13 amp socket connection)




Ideal for customers with large volumes of cardboard & polythene, (three phase supply required)

Ideal for customers with various grades e.g. cardboard, polythene, cans, plastic bottles etc. (three phase supply required).



Ideal for small volumes, with single phase 13amp socket supply.



Rubbish Compactor

Wheeled bin compactor

(4:1 compaction)

XL Beast Semiautomatic baler

(mill size)


Wheeled bin compactor (4:1 compaction)





Ideal for compacting rubbish into a sealed polythene bag on a pallet. Usefull within a factory for convenient use, prio to tipping into a waste skip to improve compaction ratio.



General waste or recyclables into wheelie bins at a ratio of 4 into 1 without ANY pressure on the bins wheels. Ideal for better utilisation of existing bins to cope with increased volumes.
Semi automatic mill size baler, with easy tipping access for forklift tippers/loading buckets.


(discounts available with recycling contracts)

Rampack 400 mill size baler            (SOLD) LSM 500 verticle mill size baler                          (NEW IN STOCK)

Rotary compactor                                            (SOLD)

Proven mill size baler, with small footprint needed Ideal for cardboard and polythene grades.               Specification sheet
Mill size baler ideal for cardboard and polythene.


Suitable for rubbish and convenient for staff to use. compacts material into polythene bag on pallet. specification sheet



Handley 54" Semi automatic baler

(photo shown of another in working condition) 

Static Compactor with side wheeled bin lift (Pakawaste P85)  (SOLD)

Kenburn 4OSX (Mill size baler)        


Ideal for cardboard, polythene and printers paper. Newly refurbished static compactor, which 36 cubic yard bin fits. Ideal for cardboard, printers paper, rubbish etc.
Reliable Mill size baler suitable for cardboard and polythene.