Businesses should prepare for the GDPR or face fines of 4% of Global Turnover

31st May 2017

General Data Protection Regulations

(Compliance by 25th May 2018).



Businesses should be aware of these new regulations and prepare accordingly. Responsible data management and end of life shredding and recycling is essential to avoid new fines of 4% of Global Turnover.


Please see further guidence  and support from the Information Comissioners Office below;


Information Commissioner Elizabeth Denham has today told businesses there's no time to delay in preparing for "the biggest change to data protection law for a generation".


Speaking in a video addressing boardrooms , Ms Denham calls on businesses to see the commercial benefits of sound data protection, and act now to ensure they're compliant by 25 May 2018:

"If your organisation can't demonstrate that good data protection is a cornerstone of your business policy and practices, you're leaving your organisation open to enforcement action that can damage both public reputation and bank balance. But there's a carrot here as well as a stick: get data protection right, and you can see a real business benefit."


Also marking one year until GDPR is implemented:

•Elizabeth Denham is speaking to business leaders about the importance of cybersecurity at a Wall Street Journal event.
•Deputy Commissioner Rob Luke is looking at GDPR and the digital economy at a Tech UK event.
An updated data protection toolkit for SMEs goes live on the ICO website , including a new element focussed on getting ready for GDPR. The checklist can help organisations assess their progress in preparing for GDPR.
The 12 steps to take to prepare for GDPR is relaunched , with updated guidance and increased focus on the need to act now to prepare for May 2018.



Existing Data Protection Act 1998 Regulations - If you handle personal information about individuals, you have a number of legal obligations to protect that information. Principle 7 of the Act states that ' appropriate technical and organizational measures shall be taken against unauthorized or unlawful processing of personal data and against accidental loss or destruction of, or damage to, personal data' - having an approved shredding agreement for all your confidential paper records ensures legal compliance.


ICO (Information Commissioners Office) Physical Security Example - 'As part of its security measures, an organisation ensures that information on laptop computers issued to staff is protected by encryption, and that desk-top computer screens in its offices are positioned so that they cannot be viewed by casual passers-by. Paper waste is collected in secure bins and is shredded on site at the end of each week.'

More information available direct from Information Commissioners Office -

More information on Perrys Recycling On-site shredding services