NEW Waste Regulations for Businesses to comply by 1st January 2015

28th November 2014

From January 2015 new waste regulations come into force which mean that paper (including cardboard), plastics, metal and glass should be separated from your general waste.



The revised European Waste Framework Directive 2008/98/EC states that four waste streams - namely paper, metal, plastic and glass - need to be collected separately from 01 January 2015, "where technically, environmentally and economically practicable [TEEP] and appropriate to meet the necessary quality standards for the relevant recycling sectors". The requirement for separate collection of these four streams (subject to TEEP considerations) applies to both municipal (household) and commercial waste. 



How can Perrys Recycling help you with compliance?


If you would like to ensure that you comply with TEEP regulations, Perry's can help. We can carry out an analysis of the recycling and waste produced at your organisation and ensure that both the collection systems and subsequent processing is compliant.


Perrys Recycling provide the solution;


  • Advice and guidance on source segregated recycling & shredding service.
  • Waste Transfer Notes issued per collection or annually, providing compliance the Waste Hierarchy Regulations.
  • Certificate of Achievement (issued yearly with service agreement) demonstrating your company's commitment and compliance to the Waste Regulations.
  • Regular tonnage reports identifying grade's tonnages and carbon saved.


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