Investing in new lorry's and trailers to service customers.

23rd July 2014

Perrys Recycling are investing in new lorries and trailers to service customers recycling demands.




This will enable us to provide a flexible, first-class collection service for mixed loads of baled and palletised paper, cardboard, polythene, plastics and metals for recycling. Large volume loads we are able to pay fair market rates  subject to volumes and processing costs. Perrys Recycling strive to provide a ethical, reliable and sustainable services to customers with reliable payments made.




Customers today want to be able to communicate with their service provider and expect a reliable and personal service. We often here from prospect customers that they are fed up with large company call centres, poor service and late invoices/payments.



Perrys Recycling is a family run business passionate about providing first class personal service to customers for over 51 years.



If you would like to review you recycling services, or  obtain a quotation to compare against your existing service provider please do not hesitate to contact us (please click)