Charity paper banks 'Local recycling supporting local needs' NEW educational video

23rd October 2013



Perry's Recycling aims to increase the amount it collects in paper banks by 50% by next March - and help local charities in the process. Currently, the company recycles over 30 tonnes of newspapers, magazines and junk mail a month from charity paper banks across the county and every tonne generates £10 for Somerset Community Foundation, an independent local grant-distributing charity. So far over £6,000 has been raised for the organisation. To achieve its target, Perry's Recycling has launched an educational campaign promoting the concept of charity paper banks.

The campaign involves producing a new informative video, a leaflet drop across Taunton and online advertising.
There are currently 32 charity paper banks in Somerset, predominantly located at major supermarkets.


Chris Perry, managing director at Perry's Recycling, said: "In times of austerity, having a clear recycling message and a programme that benefits the local community is definitely worth supporting."


"That's why we decided to intensify the campaign to involve local families even further and provide them with an opportunity to give something back to the community at no additional expense to them - with local recycling supporting local needs."


Justin Sargent, chief executive at Somerset Community Foundation, said: "We're extremely appreciative of the support we've been receiving from Perry's Recycling.


"Thanks to the money generated from charity paper banks, we're able to fund our activities and focus on tackling disadvantage and transforming people's lives in Somerset."


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