Good weather helps record recycling at Glastonbury Festival 2013

11th July 2013


Good weather has aided record recycling levels at Glastonbury Festival this year, with over 170,000 kilos  being recovered. The two recycling companies from the South West  worked hard to ensure that the waste produced by 177,000 festival-goers was recycled and reduce the environmental impact on the countryside. 



More than 15,000 colour-coded bins were provided on the site to help revelers separate and dispose of their recyclable items, including cardboard, paper, glass bottles, beer cans, and plastic bottles. In addition to this the tidying up operation continues with hundreds of meter's of plastic water pipe servicing the toilets and water facilities are  dismantled and recycled. 


An army of more than 1,200 temporary litter collectors working for Festival Recycling has been hard at work collecting the many tons of recyclable items. These were then manually sorted at the festival's recycling barn before being transported off site to Perrys Recycling's depot near Yeovil to be baled, sorted, granulated and sent to recycled into new products. 


The depot remained open especially during Glastonbury weekend to process the huge amount of recyclable material from the festival.


By working with West Country companies, the Glastonbury Festival organisers helped to reduce the festival's carbon footprint and environmental impact. They are also helping to support local jobs and businesses in the South West.


Glastonbury Festival has a strong commitment to reducing the event's impact on the environment - all caterers must provide compostable or reusable cutlery and plates, and some of the energy is provided by solar panels. The organisers are hoping that 60% of waste can be recycled this year and used the slogan ‘Love the Farm, Leave No Trace' to encourage visitors to dispose of their litter in the correct bins.





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