Charity paper bank - supports local needs.

26th November 2012


One of the simplest ways for anyone in Somerset to support Somerset Community Foundation is to recycle your old paper and magazines through one of Perry's Recycling paper-banks located at 35 supermarkets and other locations across the county....and it does not cost a penny!


For every tonne collected, Perry's donates at least £10 to the Foundation. In the first two years of the scheme, we have received almost £5,000 in donations. In doing so, Perry's have become one of our Somerset Guardians.


It really is as simple as that: it is good for your community and good for the environment.

Perrys Recycling is providing and maintaining the paper banks across the county. The paper (newspapers, magazines, junk mail & telephone books) is processed at its depots and Aylesford Newsprint, based in the UK turns it into new newsprint.


This scheme supports local giving for local needs in the county , and demonstrates how local people can help each other within the community.


One of the schemes that the Somerset Community Foundation supports is the Surviving the Winter Appeal.


It is estimated that 400 vulnerable people in Somerset died in the past two winters from causes directly attributable to the cold and poor living conditions - over 90% were aged 65 or over. For every winter-related death, dozens more will fall seriously ill or suffer great hardship, often in silence, often unnoticed.


Over the past two winters, prompted by many of our supporters, the Somerset Community Foundation has called on all who can afford to fore-go some or all of their Winter Fuel Payment (WFP), to make a donation to help those who need extra help during the difficult months ahead.


This year, as energy prices rise again, we are asking anyone who can afford to forgo some or all of their Winter Fuel Payment, to support our appeal and transform the lives of hundreds of older people in Somerset during the cold weather ahead.



Would you like to know how the scheme works and benifits the local communiy ?

Would you like more information about the surviving the winter appeal ?

Where can I find and support my local charity paper bank ?


Contact David Harris at Perrys Recycling on or 01935 850 111