Waste Hierarchy Regulations comming into force on 28th September 2011

26th September 2011

All businesses in England and Wales will be affected by a new piece of legislation, coming in to force on 28th September 2011. Known as Regulation 12 or Waste Hierarchy Duty it relates to how firms deal with their waste. It requires them to "apply the waste hierarchy" to all materials generated by their operations.


In future the paperwork issued by waste and recycling service providers will contain an additional declaration. By signing it businesses will confirm that, where possible, they have prevented waste occurring or prepared it for re-use before considering sending it to be recycled. If a material cannot be recycled then other recovery methods such as anaerobic digestion or energy from waste should be considered before sending anything to land fill disposal. In essence, recycling is only the third most desirable outcome while sending waste to land fill should be only as a last resort.


This change in legislation is designed to encourage more waste prevention, re-use and recycling to preserve the world's resources. However, with the cost of sending waste to land fill rising year on year firms applying the hierarchy will not only be doing their bit for the environment, but will be saving lots of money too.


Coming into force at the same time are changes to the rules on carrying waste and the Waste Carrier's Licensing system. Anyone who holds a waste carrier's license or regularly carry waste as part of their day to day business should visit: http://www.environment-agency.gov.uk/business/sectors/wastecarriers.aspx for more details on how these changes will affect them.


If you run, or work in a business that is not currently doing all it can to prevent , re-use and recycle waste contact a number of local waste contractors to for advice and get several quotations before signing up with a service provider. Helen Ridler, Business Recycling Advisor at Perrys Recycling said, "We offer a wide range of services that make sure that all our customers stay on the right side of the law.


We offer free advice and assistance including waste audits to existing and potential new customers alike". If you would like some free advice, a site audit or a comparative quote contact Helen or Michelle on 0800 169 2574 or visit: www.perrys-recycling.co.uk . Every company contacting Perrys for an audit or quote can request a pdf copy of their concise yet informative "Best Practice Guidance" which has an overview of the updated waste and recycling legislation affecting businesses in England as well as top tips for greening your business.


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