FREE DOWNLOAD - Managing your company's data securely

26th January 2011



This free publication helps company's review and understand   the process of data management easily.







1. Understanding your legal obligations for managing data  -  the first step to protecting your business. Complying with legislation will help you avoid any penalty fines and even imprisonment.


2. The cost of fraud  - leading economists & Government officials estimate that fraud costs the UK economy £16 billion per annum. this is fuelled by a booming international market for stolen information which net fraudsters million of pounds.


3. Understanding & preventing risks - customers & businesses identity data are stolen using a number of tactics that exploit sophisticated technology to hack into protected computer networks or the human element of a business, i.e. fraudsters prey on an individuals good nature, inexperience, vulnerability, personal situation, weakness or mistakes.


4.  Key tactics for improving  your business - review computer password controls, disposal of business & customer data securely, backing up business & customer data, 12 top tips for preventing identity fraud in business.



FREE DOWNLOAD - 'Managing your Company's Data Securely'.

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