Local MP Tessa Munt helps with paper recycling in the snow,

22nd December 2010


Local MP Tessa Munt has been helping Alan from Perry's Recycling with the paper and cardboard collections in Wedmore on Wednesday 22nd December.



Come snow and ice, Perry's have been busily keeping the paper and cardboard recycling bins empty around the county. Despite the increase in doorstep recycling services in Wedmore in the autumn, Alan is still emptying all three bins at Wedmore each and every week.



Tessa said ‘I was fascinated to watch how the bins are emptied and impressed that the pack ice in the recreation ground car park did not deter the Perry's trucks from doing their rounds."




David Harris from Perrys Recycling  said   " It is good to hear how paperbanks provide an  essential and usefull service to the public, giving  people an alternative outlet to the kerbside collections and civic amenity sites which had problems operating in the snow & ice".




View MP's website - www.tessamunt.org.uk 


Would you like to support your local  paper bank, which rasise money for the Somerset Community Foundation charity.- (please click)