National Recycling Week

7th May 2009

Recycle Week

June 22nd - 28th 2009




Together we can make a real difference!




This year the theme for Recycle Week is ‘Lets Waste Less'.... And it will encourage people to try something new in an effort to go greener and cut back on the waste we produce.

From recycling more everyday items like paper, plastic bottles, cans etc. to minimising waste at home there are lots of opportunities to reduce the amount of waste we are sending to landfill.

So why not join us in attempting to recycle more in the workplace?


'Paper, cardboard, polythene, plastics, cans, vending cups, plastic bottles, batteries, glass, florecent tubes, WEEE electrical items'


-  For more information on all the items we can recycle please do not hesitate to contact us.