Customers reminded to take advantage of our current prices.

25th November 2008




Please note that as from 1st January 2009 we have some new products, services and prices, with existing customers able to login directly and place orders on-line (please click to set up your login & password).















Office Recycling Solutions.

Office bags, office recycling bins, Glass storage bin for small kitchens, battery tubes, storage containers etc. (please view more information).


Security Shredding.

Security sacks, bags, lockable office containers, storage containers, office shredder (on-site shredding, which compliments Perrys shredding and recycling services) etc. (please view more information).



Recycling & Waste Management.

Balers (small, twin chamber, mill size, semi-automatic and fully automatic balers) , Integrated compactors systems, storage containers (1100 wheeled bins, roro 40 cubic yard bins etc), Knapzack polythene bagging system, rubbish rotary bag compactor, baling wire and twine. (please view more information).




Should you wish to beat the price increase please ensure that we receive your confirmed order prior to 31st December 2008. (please contact us).