Identity Theft of the Dead up by 66%

22nd September 2008

Almost 250,000 people are feared to have had their identity stolen last year after they had died.






Impersonation of the dead (IOD) is now Britain's top form of identity theft, CIFAS, the fruad protection service, reported a 66% increase in reported incidents since January 2007.



"The reasons for changing trends (in identity theft) are the fact that credit has become harder to obtain," said Peter Hurst, the CIFAS chief executive. "As a result, not only are fraudsters turning their attentions to accounts that are already in existence, but consumers and anti-fraud departments are also feeling the effects." Official figures released by CIFAS show that there were 70,000 cases reported of IOD theft.


But experts believe that the true figure could be at least three times as many. It is estimated, that victims families are having to spend up-to £8,000 to clean up the mess left by the identity theft of deceased relatives. Families are being urged to get the names of their dead relatives removed from data bases that send them junk mail


source - Daily Telegraph Monday 22nd September 2008.


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