Recycling of old Yellow Pages given a boost !

20th August 2008

Directories publisher Yell, today announced that old Yellow Pages directories are now accepted for recycling by Aylesford Newsprint, one of the largest newsprint mills in the UK.


Aylesford Newsprint works with more than 200 local authorities and other key recycling organisations, using paper received from kerbside collections and recycling banks across the UK to produce 100% recycled, premium grade newsprint at its mill based in Kent.

Currently, 99% of UK local authorities provide some form of recycling facility for old Yellow Pages directories.

Since 2000/01, the directories have used a yellow surface colour ink wash, rather than dyed yellow paper, to aid the recycling process. This year the colour ink wash has been reduced in intensity, enabling Aylesford Newsprint to now accept the directories into its recycling mix.

Aylesford Newsprint is the second mill to accept the old directories for recycling into new paper. Old Yellow Pages directories have been recycled into newsprint since 2004 by AbitibiBowater's paper mill based in Ellesmere Port, Cheshire.

Adam Billiald, environment strategy manager at Yell, said: "We have always taken our environmental responsibilities very seriously and have worked with local authorities since 1993 to help increase the number of old Yellow Pages directories which are recycled.

"This development with Aylesford Newsprint now makes it even easier for local authorities and their residents to recycle old Yellow Pages directories."

Andrew Perkins, recycling operations manager, Aylesford Newsprint, said: "Yell has taken significant steps over the years to ensure the ink levels in the directory are more sympathetic to the recycling process. We are pleased to accept Yellow Pages directories into our recycling mix."

Yellow Pages directories are made with low weight paper and currently contain an average of 52% recycled fibre content. All virgin fibre used in the paper production process is derived from sustainably managed forests.

As well as newsprint, old Yellow Pages directories can also be recycled into products such as cardboard packaging, egg boxes, insulation and animal bedding.

Independent research showed that in 2007, 66% of UK households recycled their old Yellow Pages directory*. For further information on recycling the old directories, visit:

About Aylesford Newsprint

  • Aylesford Newsprint recycles 500,000 tonnes per annum of used newspapers and magazines in the manufacture of Renaissance, a 100% recycled, premium grade newsprint which is used by a large number of leading European newspaper publishers.
  • Aylesford Newsprint is a joint venture company between SCA Forest Products and Mondi Company.
  • Newsprint has been produced at the Aylesford Mill since 1922 and 100% recycled newsprint has been continuously manufactured at this plant from 1984.
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