Environmental Protection Act (1990)

Trade waste is the responsibility of the business. A Waste Transfer Note must be created for each load of waste that leaves the waste producers site. Repetitive transfers, there is a provision to use a annual WTN, e.g. one transfer note will cover multiple collections over a given period of time of up to 12months.


This essentially covers the disposal of waste and is particular, Section 34, The Duty of Care, applies to everyone who produces, imports, carries, treats or disposes of controlled wastes, which included all household, commercial and industrial waste, liquids or sold. Everyone subject to the Duty of Care must ensure that their waste is kept in a secure container so none can escape and that it is only transferred to authorised carriers.


A Transfer Note must be completed, included European Waste Codes, signed and kept for 2 years by the parties involved. Holders must provide copies of these records if requested by the Environment Agency.


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