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Fully Automatic baling press

Fully Automatic baling press

Distribution Centre.


Perrys Recycling implemented the Personna LP40 baler and feed system, off two levels of a new Distribution Warehouse. This equipment will bale the large volume of cardboard produced, which is then stored on one of Perrys on site trailers, once full this trailer is sent for recycling back into more packaging.


In addition Perrys have worked closely with this distribution company in identifying other waste streams for recycling, polythene, cardboard cores, office waste paper, newspapers, magazines, vending cups, plastic bottles, drink cans etc. This material is produced in the offices and canteen areas, although smaller quantities.




(Hygiene Waste Services Manager) - ' Since Perrys invlovlement, we have been able to recycle 75% of our waste and we are still progressing and working in tandem to increase this percentage'.


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